Hi, I'm Kaleb, owner of APPVRITIXN (It's pronounced "APPARITION".  I know it's a little confusing, but it was a lot easier to get the domain names and stuff with this spelling) .  During the day I am an electromechanical design engineer for a large company.  APPVRITIXN is my side project that allows me to design and sell products that I would not normally get to work with. 

Like many other people, in March of 2020 I started working from home.  Without my daily commute, I had an extra 2 hours of free time.  For the first month I did nothing, but play video games during my new free time.  However, I started to realize I was going to be working from home for awhile, so I decided to be uncharacteristically ambitious and do something a little more productive with my time.  And that's when I started working on APPVRITIXN.

My first product is a skateboard deck wall mount.  I selected this product because I had recently mounted some skateboard decks in my garage and I did not like my options for mounts.  In my opinion, the other mounts that are currently available for purchase online either make it difficult to mount the deck or they do not provide a secure mount.  That's why I decided to make my mount out of metal and why I added weld nuts to screw the deck to.

I am currently working on several more alternative home décor products, so be on the look out for more products to be added in 2021.  If you have any questions you can contact me at kjkramer@appvritixn.com.